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Welcome to Worldwide Pallet Inc. Online!

Our expertise is pallets, from rental to repair, from new to recycled. We are a comprehensive supplier of pallets be it wood, metal, plastic, corrugated, etc. We provide pallets and "pallets move the goods of the world".
Did you know?

For every ten pallets recycled, one tree is saved.

For every 200 pallets recycled, an acre of trees is saved.

Worldwide Pallet will recycle your scrap pallets and lumber in an economical and environmentally responsible manner. The recyclable pallets are disassembled into reusable deck boards and stringers (runners). The reusable lumber is cut to size and assembled into new pallets, built with recycled lumber to meet your specifications. All of the scrap materials are recycled. The unusable wood is ground into mulch or animal bedding and the nails are recycled as scrap steel. What this means: no land filling, rather utilization of renewable natural resources. This is good for you and good for our environment.

We are proud of what we have achieved, but never satisfied with what we have become.

Worldwide Pallet remains committed to keeping ahead of the CHANGING industry while meeting the demands of our continuously growing, loyal customer base.

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